Project Charter – Signatures

Element Key Question Purpose
Signature Line Is there Agreement? Confirm all Stakeholders have read & will support the project as chartered

Approval Signatures:

____________________________          ________________________________

John Thomas – Project Manager                        Jack Johnson – Vice President, Engineering

_____________________________        ___________________________________

Pat Pilmer – Manufacturing Manager     Tonya Baker – Business Manager

_____________________________        _____________________________________

Ron Taylor – Design Engineering          Tammy Jones – Purchasing


Robert Hartway – PMAlliance, Inc.

We ask people to sign the document because we want their approval and commitment.  However, what is one of the things we do before we typically sign something?  We read it!  We want the Project Charters that we create to be read and understood.  Therefore, we limit the length of the Charter to two pages so that it is more likely to be read.  We also work diligently to clearly explain everything in it.  The document should be well developed and stand on its own without the need for someone to present it.  Remember, it is important to have a Charter that can be shared with others as necessary, a finished document.

The most powerful impact of creating a charter is having the team discuss the Key Questions required to build it so they all have a common understand of the work that will need to be performed.

We believe these questions should be answered in the order presented.  We need to know what the Sponsors wanted to achieve, the Why of the project, before we discuss the Scope of the project, the What.  Otherwise, we might omit critical scope items.

The complete question set and a completed Charter are presented to you in the next several Topics.  Please review them, then see if you can recall the key points of the Project Charter.