Duration-Driven Planning & Control

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This project management training course teaches practical management techniques that will prepare participants to develop and update plans for their projects. Real-life exercises enhance the learning experience and allow students to see how the general techniques they’ve learned can be adapted to the unique characteristics of their own projects.


This course targets students who require a basic understanding of structured project planning and control techniques. The course content applies to individuals who will function as project managers as well as team members who will be working alongside them as they develop and update their project plans.


The course consists of 16 hours of instruction including videos, text, hands-on exercises, and quizzes. The course includes exercises on the following topics:

  • Recognizing Typical Project Challenges
  • Developing Network Diagrams
  • Performing Schedule Calculations
  • Compressing Project Plans to Meet Deadline Dates
  • Updating the Project Plan to Reflect Actual Progress To-Date


Students will learn how to clearly define a project, develop an initial project plan, compress the schedule to achieve deadline dates, and effectively control the project through to completion. Each student has access to our online training portal. The six-lesson course is broken down into multiple topics that include videos, text, individual exercises, and quizzes. Once topics are completed, students may revisit them at any time. 16 PDUs (Professional Development Units) are earned upon successful completion of the course.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


  • Project Management Definitions
  • Project Challenges
  • Elements of Project Management (Time, Cost and Quality)
  • The Project Life Cycle
  • The Project Management Process
  • Roles/Responsibilities of Project Managers
  • Roles and Characteristics of Project Sponsors
  • The Sponsor Document
  • Project Team Composition/Characteristics
  • Project Charters
  • Work Breakdown Structures
  • Network Diagrams/Analysis
  • Estimating Durations and Resource Requirements
  • Critical Path Method (CPM) Network Calculations
  • Using the Schedule Compression Process to Meet Project Deadline Dates
  • Using the Time-Cost Tradeoff Concept to Optimize Project Plans
  • Establishing a Baseline Plan
  • The Control Process
  • Use of Intermediate Milestones
  • Collecting Activity Status
  • Updating The Project Plan
  • Rules For Effective Project Control
  • Why Projects Succeed
  • Project Challenges Revisited
  • Some Final Thoughts

23 reviews for Duration-Driven Planning & Control

  1. Alexandra (verified owner)

    I thought this course was very interesting and helpful. The lessons were easy to follow and the project control process makes perfect sense. I enjoyed the video series and the quizzes in every lesson to test my knowledge and understanding.

  2. Stacey (verified owner)

    This is an excellent course for a person new to project management and also as a refresher for seasoned Project Management Professionals. This course reminded me about the importance of getting my Project Sponsors together on a current project that I am running. It also shows you very good project management disciplines to have in place to ensure that the projects you are running are successful!!

  3. Mohamed (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the content and learned from it. I thought the graphics and illustrations in the videos were very descriptive.

  4. Dustin (verified owner)

    Great viewpoint on the important areas of a project.

  5. Diene (verified owner)

    Very informative, and well laid out course.

  6. Jake (verified owner)

    This was a great training course for learning some of the ways to keep projects on schedule, ways to correct projects that are straying off schedule, and ways to expedite the more important tasks that have a greater impact on other tasks in the project.

  7. Jake (verified owner)

    Course was very informative and interactive

  8. brian.bolliger (verified owner)

    A great course with lots of specific hands-on insights and information.

  9. LCopeland (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this class. I found it to be straight forward and the examples made a lot of sense. It is very helpful for anyone who is part of a project team and hasn’t ever been exposed to the project managegment methods.

    Unfortunately, I did encounter a lot of technical issues with the website. That is the only reason that I am not giving a 5 star rating. Hopefully all the issues have been resolved for the next students.

  10. tnersesian (verified owner)

    This course has been extremely helpful in learning about Duration Driven Methodology. The pace of the class and videos were easy to navigate and learn from. The video graphics and media were consistence and easy to read. I noticed a few UX design shortcomings that made some of the quiz sections more difficult than need be. Overall I would rate this course very high!

  11. fieldenrt (verified owner)

    Nice format and very well executed.

  12. Jordan Kroo (verified owner)

    Excellent training to get new PM’s up to speed in fast paced industries. Clear, Concise, and an overall great resource of education. Will be sending more employees to take this course!

  13. LUIS EMILIO YANCE GOMEZ (verified owner)

    Excelent tool for control the main elements of the project managenement process: time, cost and quality and how is interelated. tech, factors and other.

  14. Moises Ruiz (verified owner)


  15. Juan Pablo (verified owner)

    Muy bueno

  16. Moises Ruiz (verified owner)


  17. Alfredo Gómez (verified owner)

    excellent, very exciting, the topics are very attractive and interesting, it really is a very good methodology

    I lov

  18. Juan Martin Nunez (verified owner)

    A lot of tools to be successful in the completion of all projects. I think it is necessary to read and put into practice the tools several times in order to dominate them.

  19. Iván Candelas del Toro (verified owner)

    Nice course, but I think we need some references material in order to consult it as needed particularly with the nodes calculations.

  20. Gabriela Zuno (verified owner)

    Now, I know what is the tools necessaries for a project success and make sense.

  21. Paola Davila (verified owner)

    Excellent way to understand and explain projects challenges.
    It is interesting how things can go if we schedule and plan projects not being in the panic zone.

  22. Alejandro de la Torre Bustos (verified owner)

    It has been a very enriching experience of knowledge. It is a tool that facilitates the realization of projects because it leads you to consider the minimum detail that could make the big difference in the success of the project.

  23. PIA TORRES (verified owner)

    Is a very complete and interesting training, but sometimes too many formulas make it confusing and very technical other tan practical.
    Thank you

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